Nutrition for orphans and Old


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What we want to do?
We have been researching a lot regarding situation of orphans and old in past few month.we had surveyed 2 Non for profit organization,orphanage in mahendranagar bazar and old age home in rautel.we found that currently there are 29 kids in orphanage and 16 olds in rautela oldage home. The main aim of this project is to provide then with nutrition which government has failed to provide.At Initial stage,our aim is to provide 2 eggs for every kid and daily juice for old.Roughly it would cost Rs 1200 per day ie slightly above USD 10 per day.So If we could make 30 Donors who are willing to give rs 1200 per month,we would be able to achieve that feat.Slowly when our team will grow.Expectedly 365 members,donors have to donate 1200,once in a year. We have seen people wasting lot of money celebrating birthday in extravagance way,so small share of such party will allow us to make proper arrangement of nutrition for needed
Whom we are doing for?
Nepaila is non for profit organization which aims to resolve small problem that would make relevant change in society
Who is doing this?
Narmada Infosys is IT based company working to resolve internet problem in rural nepal..along with that Narmada Infosys is associated with resolving numerous social problem that would make society better
How can you help?
Click on the Donate now button, fill in your details for the record of MNRYP. You will find all the payment details in the same page. You can make the payment from description given there.


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